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Dental Implant Procedures Near You

Missing teeth can have lasting negative effects on a patient’s quality of life and overall oral health. One solution we can provide at our dental clinic in Kitchener is dental implants, a dental prosthesis (false tooth) held in place by a permanent post implanted below the gum line. Many of our patients choose to have dental implants placed when they suffer from tooth loss because they look, feel, and perform much like natural teeth and require little ongoing maintenance.

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A Lasting Solution to Missing Teeth

A dental implant is a titanium post that is inserted into the gums to replace the tooth roots. As the gums and bone heal around the implant, it becomes a permanent fixture in the mouth. After the implant has had significant time to heal and integrate with the bone, our dentists will attach a prosthetic tooth that looks and feels just like the tooth you lost. Although your prosthetic tooth may eventually need to be replaced, the implant is a permanent replacement and may last a lifetime.

Book a Consultation to Learn if You Are a Candidate

Dental implant procedures are typically completed over multiple visits and take several months to fully complete. This is due to a lengthy healing process. In order to be considered a candidate for dental implants, we need to make sure you are in good overall health and you haven’t suffered from significant bone loss or gum loss. Bone loss is more likely to occur after tooth loss, so if you would like to investigate dental implants as a restorative option, be sure to speak to our dentists right away.

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