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dental fillings Kitchener

Dental Fillings Near You

Although the teeth are generally very sturdy, damage can and does occur. From cracks and chips to cavities caused by built-up substances such as tartar, the teeth may require repairs from time to time. Dental fillings are the most common type of restoration we offer for minimal tooth damage or decay. Our highly experienced dental team can remove decayed or damaged portions of the tooth and provide a durable filling using composite or amalgam dental materials.

Repairing & Protecting Your Smile

Fillings are both restorative and preventative; they stop tooth decay or damage before it can become more serious, ensuring that the natural tooth can be preserved. This is why our dentists will commonly use fillings as the first step toward restoration. The type of material you choose can affect how well it blends into the mouth visually, as well as the length of time it will last. Your dentist will discuss your options for composite or amalgam fillings with you and help you decide which material is right for your specific filling or fillings.

Preserve Your Smile!

After diagnosing tooth decay or tooth damage in a dental examination, our dentists will make a recommendation for fillings and/or other restorative options. Fillings can typically be placed in a single appointment, and we can often accommodate multiple fillings in one appointment to ensure it is as convenient and cost-effective for you as possible. Book your next dental exam today to make sure we can help you catch cavities and issues before they require more serious interventions.

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