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Take-Home Teeth Whitening Kits in Kitchener

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Teeth Whitening Kits Near You

If staining and discolouration keep you from smiling wide during meetings, for pictures, or while out with friends and family, our dental team has professional whitening solutions for you. Our customized teeth whitening kits allow you to whiten your tooth enamel comfortably from home in less than an hour each day. Ask us about how we can help you achieve whiter teeth today!

Easy to Use Kits to Make Your Smile Shine!

Dentist-provided teeth whitening kits use a greater proportion of bleaching agents, resulting in better and faster results than over-the-counter solutions. Plus, you can keep your kit at home and ready to use for touchups when additional staining occurs.

Our kits include custom-fitted trays moulded to your teeth for comfort and staying-power. Our dentists will provide personalized recommendations to improve the effectiveness of your treatment and aftercare instructions. As long as you follow your dentist’s instructions, there are very few risks associated with whitening solutions, although you may experience some mild and short-lived tooth sensitivity.

custom teeth whitening kits in Kitchener

Start Working on Your Whiter Smile Today

Getting whiter teeth is a goal millions of Canadians share. If you’re among them, there’s no reason to wait! Ask us today about customized whitening kits to make the most of your investment in whiter teeth.

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