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On some occasions, a tooth needs to be removed from the mouth due to decay, overcrowding, gum disease, injury or fracture, or as a preparatory step in orthodontic treatment. Although the thought of having a tooth removed can be unpleasant, our dentists in Kitchener work hard to make extraction a positive experience for patients, with gentle techniques that loosen the tooth before removing it and medications to relieve pain.

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What to Expect Before, During & After a Tooth Extraction

Extracting the teeth is a process that is much gentler and more cautious than most people would expect. To prevent damage to the nearby structures, our dental team prepares and loosens the tooth before removing it. We may also cut the tooth to make removal simpler. All of this is done with expert planning by our dentists and alongside measures to keep you comfortable, such as a local anesthetic (and sedation, if necessary).

Some teeth require replacements after being removed, often to prevent nearby teeth from shifting toward the empty space. In this case, our dentists will recommend one of several types of tooth replacements (also called dental restorations or dental prostheses) to suit your needs.

Removals for Wisdom Teeth

When they erupt in the teens or early adulthood, wisdom teeth may cause negative outcomes in the mouth, including impaction, infection, or overcrowding of the teeth. We monitor this in all patients in this stage of life using dental x-rays to see how the wisdom teeth will develop and erupt. If the wisdom teeth need to be removed for oral health purposes, our dental team will make a recommendation. We have experienced dentists able to perform the procedure directly in our dental clinic in Kitchener for a more convenient and familiar experience.

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