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Our team of registered dental hygienists is here to look after your teeth, keeping them healthy by keeping them clean. Although you may have a great at-home oral hygiene routine, there are always places that can be hard to reach on your own or without the use of professional dental tools. We get into those hard-to-reach spots about twice a year (depending on your oral health and your dentist’s recommendation) to give you a fresh start!

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What to Expect During an Examination

Poor oral hygiene is one of the primary factors that leads to common dental diseases, such as tooth decay, infections, and periodontal disease. The buildup of food particles, bacteria, acid, and other substances from our daily routines can quickly become damaging. Our dental cleanings focus on a few primary techniques to refresh your teeth and gums, including:

  • Scaling to remove plaque and calculus above and below the gum line
  • Polishing to remove staining and plaque
  • Professional topical fluoride treatments to strengthen the tooth enamel
  • Patient education, focusing on how you can further prevent issues at home

Get an Oral Health Refresh

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of professionally cleaned teeth! We recommend visiting our team twice a year so we can take preventative measures, avoiding issues at your next check-up. Book your next appointment with our skilled team of dental hygienists today!

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