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Snoring & Sleep Apnea Devices in Kitchener

If snoring or sleep apnea are standing in the way of you getting a healthy night of rest, our dentists have oral devices designed to let you breathe and sleep easily. These devices are custom-made to fit the measurements of your mouth so they stay in place all night. They work by repositioning certain structures in the mouth (such as the jaw, tongue, and soft palate) to be optimally placed for smooth airflow.

Oral Appliances for Snoring

Snoring can cause plenty of disruptions to a normal sleep cycle throughout the night, resulting in loss of sleep for you (and your sleeping partner). Oral devices for snoring are perfect for people who have tried everything to stop snoring and just can’t find the right fit. We have a variety of options depending on factors such as your typical sleeping position.

Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea

For those with mild to moderate sleep apnea, an oral device can be just what is needed to encourage continuous airflow throughout the night. These devices can also be a solution for patients who can’t tolerate a CPAP machine. Talk to our dentists today about your diagnosis and whether oral appliances could be an effective tool for reducing the symptoms of sleep apnea.

Better Sleep is Around the Corner!

A full night of rest leads to healthy outcomes, including improved mood and concentration, and the reduced risk of health problems such as hypertension and diabetes. If you are concerned about your sleeping habits, talk with our experienced dentists about your options for nighttime oral appliances.  

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