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myofunctional trainer dental appliances in Kitchner to illuminate mouth breathing habit

Removable Dental Appliances in Kitchener

Although we can often help protect and maintain your dental and overall health in our office, there are also circumstances in which you might need some extra help at home. Lackner Woods Family Dentistry is able to offer our patients removable dental devices that help reduce or eliminate a variety of dental risks, from snoring to severe injuries and everything in between. We provide devices with professional-grade dental materials that are designed for a perfect fit for your teeth and mouth.

Night Guards

It may seem strange to protect your teeth at night, but a significant amount of damage can be done to the teeth, mouth, and jaw while sleeping. Bruxism is a fairly common condition that causes nighttime teeth grinding and clenching. This leads to damage to various parts of the mouth and face and can result in lasting pain. A dentist-designed nightguard can help reduce the pressure, relieve pain, and prevent damage, all while being comfortable enough to let you get a great night of sleep.

invisible silicone aligners for dental correction
invisible aligner


After having braces or other orthodontic devices, it can be tough to have to wear another device for months or years to maintain the position of your teeth. However, it is essential to keep the teeth exactly in place with a custom retainer to ensure that you get the most lasting results from orthodontic treatment. Our retainers can be made in a variety of ways to ensure you get the fit you need for long-term comfort.

Sports Mouth Guards

If you or a member of your family plays sports that involve a high likelihood of impact to the head, a professionally crafted sports mouth guard can mean the difference between multiple procedures after an injury versus a slightly sore mouth. Unlike over-the-counter “boil and bite” guards that tend to lose shape after time, our mouth guards are permanently fit to your teeth so they stay in place, let you breathe, and protect you from mouth, jaw, and head injuries all at once.

Sports Mouth Guards
man sleeping using sleep apnea devices

Snoring Devices & Sleep Apnea Devices

If snoring or sleep apnea are standing in the way of you getting a healthy night of rest, our dentists have oral devices designed to let you breathe and sleep easily. These devices are custom-made to fit the measurements of your mouth so they stay in place all night. They work by repositioning certain structures in the mouth (such as the jaw, tongue, and soft palate) to be optimally placed for smooth airflow.

TMD/TMJ Devices

The temporomandibular joint (TMJ) is the joint responsible for attaching the lower (mandibular) jaw to the skull. This joint is critical for any activity that involves opening or closing the mouth, including eating, speaking, and yawning. When the TMJ is prevented from moving smoothly, it usually indicates a disorder (TMD). The effects of TMD can be prevented with dental devices designed to separate the teeth.

TMD and TMJ (The temporomandibular joint) devices

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